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Monitor System

Our monitoring systems collect data from Air temperature, humidity, water temperature, pH, and EC sensors, and through its connection with our hub posts that data to our database for you to analyze at will. Our web platform allows you convenient access to your systems data from any device’s web browser. Our web platform provides data graphics to better understand your systems trends over time and the ability to download your data as a csv file for further processing and analysis.

Our monitor systems also provide you the ability to get text, email, and platform notifications when system reading fall outside your set thresholds. These notifications allow you to instantly respond to issues that could threaten your crop.

Data graph example Data table example

Control System

Our control systems control the operating schedule of I/O devices (such as lighting fixtures, fans, and pumps). Schedules are set using the scheduling tools on our web platform. Schedules on the platform are called Seasons. Seasons are made up of Stages, which are a days operating schedule and the number of days that stage repeats for. This system allows users to predefine their operating schedules for their I/O devices for multiple growing seasons at a time , eliminating the need to adjust lighting and pump timers as plants mature.

Season schedule example Stage schedule example


Our hubs are the brains of our monitoring and controlling systems. Hubs collect data from our monitor systems and push it to the database. Hubs also collect control system schedules from the database and distributes the schedules to the control systems. Each hub can connect to up to 10 monitoring systems and 10 control systems.

System Network Diagram

Beta Program

Our systems are ideal for hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic growers who are looking for a convenient, 21st century approach to their systems monitoring and control. While our systems are completely functioning, we are constantly improving systems design and user interface. Our beta program gives you access to our monitor and control systems as well as the web interface. In return we look forward to your feedback, helping us provide better systems and services. Each system is handmade to order and pricing will vary on your systems requirements. Inquire about getting your hands on our systems.►