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Pondev provides web integrated tools for monitoring and controlling ponics growing systems. Our monitoring systems provide the constant collection of water and air quality with access to that data accessible through our web platform. Our control systems and platform offers convenient scheduling and control over lighting, fans, and pumps.
Pondev is also dedicated towards developing tools to analyze system data generating solutions to improve crop yield and simplify system maintenance. Check out our products ►

Ponics Growing

Ponics growing systems produce crops through soilless growing techniques. Common ponics systems include:

  • Hydroponics: Growing plants in a nutrient solution.
  • Aeroponics: Growing plants by misting their roots with a nutrient solution.
  • Aquaponics: Symbiotic systems with fish and microorganisms providing nutrients to grow plants, as well as plants filtering the water for raising fish.

Earth's rapidly expanding population coupled with the effects and realities of climate change magnify shortcomings of traditional agricultural methods that stress water supplies, pollute local ecosystems, and pollute environments all over as crops are processed and transported to communities around the world.
Ponics systems are unique in that they can be organized using vertical farming techniques to reduce the physical footprint of your farm. Since water and nutrients are supplied directly to the plants roots it can reduce water usage by 95% and eliminate pollutants to local ecosystems. Constant access to water and nutrients can also shorten yield time and increase overall yield for crops. The insignificant physical footprint and extreme efficiency of these systems allow communities to provide themselves with a stable, cost-effective source of food. A decentralized food production system using ponics growing techniques could provide food stability in even the harshest and most isolated environments on earth.

Our Team

Joshua Matthews – Owner, Lead Developer

Josh Matthews Headshot 2020

Hello, I am a computer science student at the Colorado School of Mines. When I started to plan my own aquaponics system I realized how important it is to monitor to ensure an optimal growing environment. I wanted to have access to my system's data without having to physically be there to check the systems myself. After monitoring my system, controlling the I/O seemed like the next logical step. I look forward to further developing new systems to aid ponics growers.